Monday, May 22, 2006

Abso-f*%$ing-lutely Amazing!

Last night, I had such an intense fantasy accompanying my masturbation session that brought me to one hell of an orgasm. I just wanted to share...


I have not met M's wife, have no clue what she looks like, nor what her personality is like. Leave it to the Great Unknown to give rise to the occasion of creatively filling in the blanks. I imagined concocting a plan of one day meeting Mrs. M, with the sole purpose of seducing her. For a really exciting twist, I would "find" Mrs. M with M at a bar/club, where he would be forced to pretend as though he didn't know me at all. And the whole time, I'd be devoting all my attention to her, not him.

In my fantasy, the evening began with me quietly observing the couple from a dark corner of the bar. She's in her early forties, and looks amazingly sexy for her age -- I can tell that she stays in shape because her ass is round and tight and her tits are a pleasantly buxom C-cup that she flaunts, wearing a deeply-cut, figure-hugging, V-neck blouse. They're sitting at the bar having a couple of beers. When M steps away to go to the bathroom, I saddle up to the stool next to her, order my drink, and turn to face her, giving Mrs. M my famously disarming smile. She smiles back, with a "Hi" to go along with it. I dive right in, knowing that M will be returning momentarily.

While waiting for my drink to be served, I say "Excuse me for being so direct, but I just have to say that I think you look absolutely gorgeous... actually, quite sexy." Mrs. M blushes immediately -- her skin is fair, sandy blonde hair -- her cheeks have warmed to a rosey pink, the flesh above her cleavage flushes to a fuschia hue, and her lips turn to ruby. Her smile brightens, and she says quietly, "Oh, my. Thank you." Just as M begins walking back toward the bar, he recognizes me and fear darts across his face. The bartender returns with my pint of beer, and I give Mrs. M another huge smile, with that sparkle in my eye that tells her exactly what kind of attraction I have for her. I've vanished before M returns.

Later on, I find the two of them on the dancefloor. Everyone all around is grinding each other to the beat of the music, and so are they. I move in behind M's wife and begin dancing in rhythm with them. She sees me and flashes a grin. Taking her cue, I lightly place my hand just below her hip, on the outside of her leg, and she responds immediately by pushing her ass against my crotch. We dance for a little while like this, and as I'm getting hornier, I put my other hand on her waist. With only slight pressure, I'm guiding her ass as it rubs against my clit. I reach my hand lower, to the edge of her skirt, and I can feel her hot, sweaty, skin, just to the inside of her leg. She parts her legs for me, and M moves in closer. I know he has a hard-on watching me seduce his wife. At this point, my hand is under her skirt, moving closer up toward her panties as she grinds her ass up harder against me. She wraps her arms around her husband's neck and they proceed to kiss each other in a hot and passionate fury as my fingers find the edge of her thong where the flesh of her leg begins folding in toward her cunt. I find that she is soaking wet, and I can't help but slip the tip of my finger right in. I hear her let out a moan into M's mouth, and right then, I feel his rock-hard cock rubbing up against his wife's pussy.

Since everyone on the dancefloor is oblivious to anyone else around them, focusing on their own grinding partner action, I decide to unzip M's pants with my free hand. While I'm fingering his wife, his cock is in my other hand, throbbing and oozing that precum that I know tastes like heaven. M lifts his wife's leg up against his hip, and I guide his cock inside of her. As they're fucking on the dancefloor, I'm still pressed up against her backside, and now my fingers are putting pressure on her clit.

I move my other hand up her waist, along her ribs, and rest it just below her tits, barely grazing the bottom curve of her left breast. I can feel my nipples get super hard, as I'm anticipating the feel of her full tit in my hand. M is thrusting to the beat, and she lets herself go passive to the pleasures that I and her husband are giving her body. I tease her by gently stroking just the underside of her tits. I then let my thumb move up the side, while the rest of my fingers work together to give a good squeeze. Then I roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and at that very moment, her body starts quivering. In my other hand, I can feel her pussy contracting against M's shaft, and her little clit is spasming between my finger and M's cock.

After M's wife regains her composure, I remove my hands from her body, and she turns around to face me. She is even more flushed than before, and her grin has widened to a full-on beam. She says to me, "That was amazing. Thank you." I respond by tasting my fingers that were inside of her. And I move toward her so that my lips are right by her ear. I reply, "You can thank me by letting me taste you some more." A simple "Okay" followed, and so we travel in caravan back to their hotel.

Before M can even finish closing the door, I'm kissing his wife and I have her pushed up against the wall. I'm caressing her neck with my left hand, and taking her shirt off with my other. God! her tits are gorgeous hot. They've swollen from her excitement, and the pink around her nipples are peeking over the lace of her bra. I kiss down her neck, following the curve of her chest, and with the tip of my tongue, I fish out her nipple, which is hard and big. M is just standing back in sheer amazement, sporting a giant erection. I don't even have to see him to know how aroused he is, seeing his illicit lover disguised as a stranger please his wife. Between squeezing her tits and sucking them, I get so turned on, and the smell of her pussy is still on my fingers. Everytime I get a whiff, I want to taste her juices even more. I want to feel the soft skin of her legs on the sides of my face. I want to press into her cunt with my mouth and I want to smell her directly on my face.

So, I guide her over to the bed, and lay her gently on her back. Her bra is still on, but by this time, both of her tits are hanging out of each cup. I hold her wrists above her head as I flick each nipple with my tongue and follow with a nice long kiss & suck. I tell M to hold her hands where I have her pinned down. He can accomplish this with one big, strong hand while the other goes back and forth between caressing his wife's tits and stroking his hard cock.

I kiss and lick the skin of her belly while I position one of her knees to the side. She's already bucking in anticipation, struggling against her husband holding her wrists, and fighting against me holding her legs down and separated. I kiss all around her groin, being careful not to touch or even graze her crotch -- I only kiss the creamy skin on the inside of her thigh. Her hips are lifting off the bed as she desperately pumps the air to get some form of satisfaction, which I finally give her, though only a little bit at a time. Just at the triangle of her thong, where it's been soaked in her juices, I stiffen my tongue and lick the lip of her pussy. She lets out a deep sigh, and I work my tongue in to get between the string and her flesh. She tastes so good, and I can feel that my own cunt is swollen, throbbing, and tight. I know that if M thrusted into me just once with his nice hard cock, I'd have an orgasm immediately. But we're playing it cool, so he's staying away from me.

I work my finger tip back into her wet pussy, and through the fabric front of her panties, I give a long slow lick over her hard clit. M's wife is in sheer torture now, as the pressure has been built up for so long, with very little direct stimulation. She lets out a low growl, deep in her throat and with a raspy voice says "Please, please fuck me. I want your mouth on me. Fuck me now!" So I give her what she needs. I push my finger deeper inside, and pull her thong to the side, exposing her bright, shiny clit. I work another finger into her hole and lick all around her clit. She starts pushing up against my face, and I put my mouth over the entire thing, rubbing down with my lips. With two fingers inside her, I press down toward her asshole, stretching her sensitive clit skin nice and tight. As I alternately kiss and suck her clit, I finger fuck her pussy. I notice she's building up a rhythm with her pumps, and so I press one of my wet fingers against the opening of her asshole. She moans with delight, and now she gets even more wild. M loses his grip on her wrists, and she slips free.

She sits up and manuevers her way into flipping us over so that I'm on my back and she's on her hands and knees, pressing her great cunt against me. Somehow my fingers are still inside of her pussy and her asshole, and now she's fucking my face and my hands. I'm so fucking hot with this woman grinding my mouth, in utter ecstacy, and I can feel a red-hot pressure building up inside of me. She's completely in control now, pumping in, against my mouth, thrusting out, against my fingers, back and forth. Her rhythm takes over and she goes faster and faster, fucking my face, until suddenly she lets out a loud scream and her entire body is trembling and convulsing on top of me.

As I was imagining this fantasy take place, my own orgasm in reality overtook me at exactly the same time my lover's wife (in fantasy) came on my face. How lucky.


Hope you enjoyed this. ;)


wrickstr said...

my god!! that was awesomely entertaining and hot. i came across your blog purely by accident and was transfixed by this story, not to mention the enitre premise of your blog. keep it up!! meantime, i'm gonna go read the rest of your posts. bravo!

anonym said...

thanks wrickstr! glad it translated well from brain-images to words. (that doesn't always happen...) hope you like the rest of what's here, and come back anytime!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great story. totally made me hard and hott. Keep it up.
EM, tampa,fl

Anonymous said...

I would love to experience that with you . IMagine two pretty ladies fucking each other wildly Mmmmmm. And with a little S&M xoxo

Anonymous said...

WOW~that is all I can say! WOW!