Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Memoriam

As promised... Before I ever became friends with M or C, I worked up quite a fantasy involving the two of them. It went something like this:

I had walked into the storage closet for a project I had to work on. I thought I was alone, but then M comes out from behind a shelving unit, surprising me. We barely knew each other at the time, as I was just starting my job there. I was prepared for some small talk, but instead M walked straight up to me, grabbed me around the waist, pulling me close against his chest, kissing me deep and hard. I was shocked that he would do such a thing, and so when our lips parted, I stumbled back a few steps, bumping into somebody who was planted behind me. Spinning on my toes, I turned around to find that C had been standing in the doorway watching us the whole time. Before I could even say a word, C grasped my arms, guiding me past the threshold, and closed the door behind him. The two men looked at each other knowingly. That's when everything started getting wild.

I was facing C when M approached us from behind. C cupped his palm behind my neck, pulling me toward him. I felt his other hand reach around the small of my back, tugging my body in one quick motion. As C and I were kissing, I started to feel M's hard cock rubbing against my ass. I turned to look at him, and suddenly his warm wet lips were tasting my tongue. C began unbuttoning my shirt, and I was so turned on with M pressing up against my ass, C's hard dick pushing against my pelvis, and wanting that wonderful sensation of C's lips against my waiting tits.

I felt M grab at my shirt placket, pulling it aside to release my aching tits from the shirt. He took a handful, pinching one of my nipples as C sucked on the other. I reached down with one hand, feeling C's super-hard rod in his pants, and with my other hand I reached behind me, squeezing M's cock through his jeans. C then unzipped my pants, giving enough room to thrust his hand down into my panties. His fingers went right to work, finding my little hole, rubbing my clit with his palm, and getting me even more wet than I already was.

M started pulling my pants down, sliding the waistband over my ass and hips. Once my ass was fully exposed, he slapped it nice and hard. From behind, he then reached his hand between my legs, spreading my cunt juices back toward my asshole. C had gotten down on his knees and began licking my pussy while finger fucking me. M meanwhile was getting my asshole wet and ready for his dick. He worked in one pussy-juiced finger at a time until I was relaxed enough to take in his hard cock. I felt like such a slut like that -- all these fingers inside me, getting me ready to be fucked good and hard. Just as I was about to cum, C abruptly took his fingers out of my cunt, and slammed his dick inside me, throwing bolts of electricity throughout my body. Leaning his back against the door, he put both his hands on my waist lifting me up and down his wet pole. Then he held onto my ass as his grip, spreading my cheeks apart for M. I felt M's glistening head rubbing along my asshole, begging for entry. C's cock was stretching my pussy wide and now M's cock was making his way into my ass. (This is the point where I usually orgasm in a double penetration fantasy. But seeing as how I was at work while fantasizing, unable to take care of these needs, the imagining went further.)

M pressed into me and with a bit of delicious pain, pushed his cock-head past my tightness. Now with two dicks buried deep inside me, I was delirious with pleasure. For every thrust that M made, I rode up higher on C's dick. Their rhythms began matching with one another's and the three of us are breathing in unison. The slow, deliberate motions brought me even closer to climax, when M began whispering in my ear that I really was a slut wasn't I? and only sluts like being fucked by two guys at the same time. Only sluts take it so deep in the ass. That I'm his and C's little whore. That just brought me over the edge and as I orgasmed, the repeated contractions of my pussy and my asshole both milked M and C until they both shot their loads deep inside me.


Gracie said...

mmmm very delicious. i enjoyed that a lot.

Squinky said...

Awesome fantasy! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I truly hope you get an STD, pass it along to your husband and end up painfully sick.

You're a garbage fairy, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I must say, that was REALLY hot.

As a guy who isn't really interested in that sort of situation, I still had a very uncomfortable erection at my desk.

Well done!

anonym said...

I'm glad to share what fantasies I have with those who appreciate it. As for our first little anonymous comment, I'm glad to know that I can also be of help to victims of vehement ignorance by receiving those daggers of malice with grace. I do hope that s/he who called me a fairy-of-trash feels better now, and I hope that pain s/he's expressing finds its healthy outlet eventually. I on the other hand, would never wish such illness on anyone.

For my loving fans out there, keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty hot. It may just become MY fantasy... Thanks for sharing!!!